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Favorite Series

I LOVE CONSTANTINE! He's so awesome, but I wish the show had done his character justice and expressed him with his usual edge. The constant talk about the little girl throughout the show had put me off too... It's Constantine though so I'm happy that this show is here, despite being upset that they didn't continue it.
Minority Report
I just finished the first episode. I love the story line! The concept is very interesting and it looks amazing! Though, I found the case to be predictable and some moments the writing seemed weak (i.e. over-exaggerated and obviously stalling for something critical to happen). Still, I give the episode a 7/10 and will continue watching it. The last scene made me curious about the next episode. Hopefully, the show won't disappoint because it has great potential.
The Mentalist
This is a fantastic mystery show, if nothing else. It's a pretty good cop show too, but not in its typical sense, since it's not plain serious all of the time. Jane is beyond amazing! I absolutely love the main cast members too! The whole show is pure surprises and hilarity, but that's mainly due to the main character's antics. I wonder what a show with both Patrick Jane and Sherlock Holmes would be like... I know that I would definitely watch it either way.