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  • 25% Drama
  • 12% Adventure
  • 12% Action
  • 10% Sci-Fi
  • 8% Crime
  • 7% Fantasy
  • 27% Others
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Favorite Series
my fav series in this moment!
Just WOW!!! I just watched the first episode and I can say that this series got soooooo much potential to be one of the best series ever made!
Gotham Season 3 Episode 8
OMFG THis site is so buggy
Stranger Things
I don't know I gave this series many tries but it couldn't catch me...
Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Don't know what peaople have, an really interesting and good show with great marvel effect like you know from the movies!
There's not much action like big fights. But I really like the historical accuratie. Watched Season 1 so far.
little kid 1:0 cockroach
Game of Thrones
Daeneris is on fire!
The Flash Season 2 Episode 18
badest episode so far.
The Last Kingdom
So good. Love the main character.
Daaaaanngeeerr Zooonnneee. :D
The Flash Season 1 Episode 12
Pls fix the subtitle links... all broken. GG
Game of Thrones
oh and i forgot: evvveeeeerrrrrrr
The Flash
10 Stars ofc. I forgot ^^
The Flash
Was catched since the first episode. But it's even getting better and better. <3
Game of Thrones
Just the best Series ever ever evvveeerrrrrrrr