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  • 24% Drama
  • 12% Fantasy
  • 11% Action
  • 10% Sci-Fi
  • 8% Horror
  • 7% Adventure
  • 28% Others
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ayy lmao

Favorite Series

Son of Zorn
omg this is life
Peaky Blinders
who cares about knife toting british might as well get you a horse and call your self a knight smfh
this show is GLORIOUS
Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 9
get a life weirdo with your multiply replies on your orignal comment do you got a life ister king solo mister peasant
Stranger Things
i like it tho
Dead of Summer
its ok lol
Dead of Summer Season 1 Episode 3
this is just a teen show with a little bit gore
12 Monkeys Season 2 Episode 12
well thats.. dumb.. :/
Vikings Season 4 Episode 10
lol the viking king is insane hahaa
Dark Matter Season 2 Episode 2
hmm i like the woman in the white dress
Containment Season 1 Episode 11
damn.. smh that was sad
Ash vs Evil Dead
still waiting.. like a loyal dog
Preacher Season 1 Episode 6
well its about time he gone. how can i eat my pizza he looks like a booty hole lol
The Flash
i dont watch flash.. because of his goofy face on the cover look at him... he looks fruity asf...sweet boy