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Favorite Series

Van Helsing
Trust me he did it on purpose. He sent me a PM wishing I would die. As you can see, clearly a young child. I urge you not to bother him, he is clearly mental and might end up shooting someone. Let him be.
Van Helsing
TCM1211 you are a child. And that makes us believe we are right about the show. You spammed your crap and intolerant point of view because you can't accept anything else. Just like a 5 year old. You should be banned. In your attempt to cover up this flop of a show you only made it look worse.
Vapid, shallow and lazy. This show consists entirely of models, not even joking. Although the story might turn into something decent, this will , quite obviously be about teen drama and love affairs. The generalization and clichés are abundant and the show makes it look like nowadays teens are mindless party and social media drones (true to some extent). If you can watch unrealistic gorgeous people faking alot of shit, this is for you.
Stranger Things
Although it sins by having plenty (and unnecessary) of teen cliché moments the writing is great. Original, geeky without being obnoxious. Unexpected terror. Well done, this is a great show.
Black Mirror
Mesmerizing. Every single episode reveals twisted scenarios that humanity might face in the future. The claws of technology shaping the human condition exposed in a brilliant way.
Van Helsing
The culmination of politically correct. This shitfest has it all. The Female hero, captain america, asian girl, black boy, blondie...hell even someone with a disability!! The vampire lore wasn't artistic enough for the producers so they decided to change it and now vampires are imune to light and die to regular bullets. Bet Texas is pretty safe then. The fighting is mediocre the acting is not bad as everyone is saying, just average. The leading characters are models ofc. Overall if you are not a