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Favorite Series

Stranger Things
Amazing second season, certainly as good as the first one. Bring on S3 !
The Mist
Feel like I deserve a medal for getting through this season. Not returning if it doesn't get cancelled.
The Mist
It's like The Mist but at the quality level of The Fog. Somewhat disappointing tbh.
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart Season 22 Episode 93
I agree, it's about time this excellent site showed "the african" some love.
I really like the concept but the resistance is so unbelievable. Check out Secret army (1979) for a real resistance thriller
4 hours in, still no clue. I like ! This show makes Twin Peaks and Mr Robot look like kiddie shows
Designated Survivor
Best Intelligent political drama/thriller since the first season of House of Cards. Slow but building up to a hopefully great cliffhanger/series final
The Get Down
Wow, simply WOW. This first season is essential if you like music !
Van Helsing Season 1 Episode 1
If The Asylum had made The Strain.
This is the surprise of the summer for me. Expected nothing but it actually has a good story
Stranger Things
This reminds me of Stand by me with a dash of Twilight Zone. Real 80's vibe
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 9
I haven't had such an adrenaline rush from watching a screen since the first time I saw Braveheart !
Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 20
Now that is what I call a season finale ! Had goosbumps when she said that line. Kudos Disney !
impressive cast, keep 'em guessing storyline. Resistance is amateur hour but most tradecraft have been killed. I'll keep watching but I hope the pace picks up soon.
The Expanse
Syfy actually making a fantastic sci-fi series, who would have ever guessed ? After episode 3 I was hooked
DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 1
Doctor Who ripoff with second grade DC heroes in an overacted mess. Couldn't get past 20 mins.